Rainbow Tie-Dye Towel – extra-colourful tie-dye stripes!

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Right now it’s just past winter Solstice in Tasmania and it’s cold, it’s grey, and it’s dark. Not the sort of conditions us troppos are used to enduring.

We needed something new to do before we all succumbed to cabin fever.

So we joined a gym. All 7 of us. Turns out family memberships are pretty cheap, and much cheaper than family therapy after we’ve annoyed each other past endurance.

And of course we need to take towels to the gym. Now, for most people that wouldn’t be a problem, but as extreme minimalists who are used to putting everything in storage for a year or more at a time while we go travelling, we didn’t have enough towels.

We owned three towels, to be exact.

But there’s an easy solution to that problem – DIY tie-dye towels! We headed to the op-shop, bought four white towels, and have started making our own unique gym towels.

Here’s the first – a full rainbow stripes tie-dye towel with black. It’s already getting a good workout (pun intended).

I must admit, dyeing towels is lovely. They’re the perfect absorbency, the dye stays exactly where I put it, and there are no sleeves or seams to wrangle. If you’re beginning to tie-dye a towel is a great first item to begin with.

The husband says it’s too perfect though, and I kind of agree with him. I like things a bit more random, but I do like the overall result of nice even tie-dye stripes.

It certainly stands out at the gym – we’re definitely the brightest people there. As usual.

But you’re definitely not getting beach photos. I don’t think wet sand, stormy skies, or people in snow jackets really match the beach towel vibe. You’ll have to settle for our rickety fence.

Rainbow tie-dye towel DIY

I’ve got a few more tie-dye towels to do so expect some more ideas soon! With the kids doing up to four classes a day (and these are HIIT and weights classes, they’re not easy – oh, to be young and indestructible again) the shout of, ‘WHERE ARE ALL THE TOWELS?!’ is still heard quite regularly from the bathroom.

Want to make your own DIY tie-dye towels? We use Procion dyes, but if you want something a little simpler Tulip tie-dye kits are a great optioncheck out their rainbow kit and a single colour in black if you want to re-create this.

Thanks for watching! We’d love to hear if you decide to try it and DIY your own tie-dye spiral. Tag @dyediyhq on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll check it out.

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