Best Tulip Tie-Dye Kits

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Tie-dye kits are a quick and easy way to try tie-dyeing at home, and Tulip create fantastic tie-dye kits!

Whether you’re tie-dyeing by yourself or in a group, or if you want a subtle two-colour result or the full psychedelic rainbow, Tulip has a tie-dye kit to suit your needs. Their one-step process means there’s no pre-soaking or fiddling with multiple steps and powders, which makes them incredibly easy to use – just add water, shake, and dye. Tulip tie-dye kits also include great instructions and ideas so they’re perfect for beginners and dabblers.

Finally, they’re simply great dyes – they’re bright and clear and stay that way even after many wears and washes.

Read on to find your perfect Tulip tie-dye kit.

Tulip Single Colour Tie-Dye Kit

Best for solo dyers who want a subtle look

This single-colour kit is perfect if you want to try tie dyeing without a big cost. You get a one-step bottle of dye, one pair of gloves, rubber bands, and an inspiration guide. It’s enough to dye up to three items, and the kit is available in the full rainbow of colours.

Tip: You can mix and match colours – buy a couple and get creative!

Tulip 5-Colour Tie-Dye Kit

Best for solo dyeing or small groups who love a mix of bright colours

Let’s face it, one colour isn’t enough for most people! This 5-colour tie-dye kit will dye up to 30 projects. You get all the dye, bottles, gloves, rubber bands, and instructions you need for a fun and easy day of tie-dyeing.

Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit 12 Colours

Best for families and small groups

Time to get big? This 12-colour tie dye kit will dye up to 36 items in an incredibly rainbow of colours.

Great for families – have a tie-dye session with your kids, freshen up their wardrobe, and show them how easy it is to create unique clothes. My kids love their DIY tie-dye so much they wear it until it falls apart!

This HUGE tie-dye kit contains 18 bottles of vibrant dye in a rainbow of colours, 6 pairs of gloves, and 6 lots of rubber bands, plus an inspiration guide. It will dye up to 36 items – so it’s definitely better to invite a few friends!

It’s everything you need for a large group tie-dyeing session, or a binge day with friends. Or if you want to create an entire wardrobe for yourself!

Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit Block Party

A MASSIVE pack suitable for huge groups or serious dye addicts

With 6 or 8 colours and huge 473ml bottles this Block Party tie-dye kit is for seriously large groups or dedicated individuals.

Also includes 75 rubber bands, 16 pairs of gloves, and tie dye guide. If you only want to buy one kit this is the one for you!

Pro Tip: Once dyes are mixed they must be used within 24h, or the colours will begin to weaken and then expire. If you won’t use all the dye in one session you can remove some of the dye powder and put it aside before mixing only what you need. You can then use the leftover powder for another session.

Always wear a mask when handling powder.

Tulip Tie-Dye Kit Refills

Best for when you’ve caught the tie-dye bug!

You’ve done a pile of tie-dyeing, you’ve emptied your dye bottles, and you still want more? Grab a tie-dye refill kit!

This kit includes 30 sachets of powdered dye (a massive 142g total) and it’s as easy as cutting open the sachet, emptying it into your leftover squeezy bottles, and adding water.

It saves all those extra bottles going into landfill too, so it’s win-win.

Tulip 2-Minute Tie Dye Kit

Short on time? Get instant results!

OK, these 2-minute tie-dye kits are incredibly exciting. Normally, you need to apply dye then leave them sit overnight to soak. It’s hard when all you want to do is unwind your dyed items and see what they look like.

But with this kit you get the same bright and long-lasting results with only TWO MINUTES in the microwave. You just pop your dyed items in the special container, microwave, and a few minutes later your new rainbow clothes are ready to unveil.

Tulip Ombre Tie Dye Kit

For ombre lovers!

Ombre can be tricky to do correctly, so buying a kit with a great brush and colours that blend well gives you a much higher chance of great results.

This Ombre Tie-Dye Kit is the perfect start. It includes 4 beautiful dye colours suitable for blending, plus a wide paintbrush for applying and blending dye.

Tulip Pretty Pastels Tie-Dye Kit

Best if you want a subtle pastel effect

Not a fan of the super-bright rainbow effect?

This pastel tie-dye kit contains five beautiful muted colours ready to mix in the squeezy bottles, PLUS an additional 5 sachets for another dye session. Of course, gloves, rubber bands, and guide are also included, so you have everything you need to create up to 30 beautiful pastel tie-dyes.

Tulip Ice-Dye Kit

Best for experimenting with ice-dyeing

Ice-dyeing is so much fun, and this ice-dyeing kit includes everything you need to try it. Simply tie your items, arrange them on the rack, and add ice and powder. As the ice melts it carries the dye through your clothes for fantastic mottled effects.

Sneaky tip: You can ice-dye with any of these kits, as long as the dye is powdered. You just need to find your own rack – remember you can’t use it for food preparation afterwards, so don’t steal your mum’s cake rack.

Check out my ice-dyeing techniques, ideas, and tutorials here.

Tulip Electric Neons Tie-Dye Kit

Best for clubbers and those who like BRIGHT!

This incredibly bright kit will dye both natural and synthetic fabrics (gym leggings anyone?), and it’s as easy as shaking and applying – there’s no mixing required.

And you know what’s extra cool? The finished items will glow under black light, so after your group dyeing session you can throw a black light party. Any excuse for a party is a good one, right?

Tulip One-Step Spray Kit Fabric Dye

Best for resist dyeing and ombre effects

Want something a little different? This spray tie-dye kit is great for masking, resist, and ombre dyeing.

The spray bottle lids are even colour-coordinated, so you won’t accidently add the wrong colour. Not that I’ve ever done that before….OK, I have.

Tulip Shibori Dye Kit

Best for…well, shibori!

Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique traditionally used with indigo. This Shibori dye kit contains five colours of dye in gorgeous shades of blue and green, plus the string and cable ties you’ll need to try out the 4 Shibori techniques in the instructions.

And if you’ve got any leftover dye this blue tie-dyed spiral is a great idea.

So there you have it – there should be a Tulip tie-dye kit here to suit everyone.

If you pick one up I’d love to see what you create. Tag @dyediyhq on Instagram or Facebook to show me!

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