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CUTE Tie-Dye Onesies 4 ways! Bullseye, spiral, v-stripes, and stripes tie-dye patterns
Check out these for cute tie-dye onesie patterns! Watch how to tie-dye onesies and DIY your own tie-dye onesie patterns to create a bullseye, spiral, v-stripes, and stripes for super-cute baby clothes.
After his previous tie-dye session Forrest was keen to do some more dyeing and make us another video. He enjoys twisting tie-dye spiral patterns so he dyed me a yellow, orange, and pink tie-dye spiral on a white Sea Shepherd shirt. I love the way it turned out, and the colours are fantastically bright - watch him tie-dye it below. https://youtu.be/jElyvh266y4 I...
Tie-dye hoodie, blue and purple spiral tie-dye
Who doesn't love a tie-dye spiral hoodie? Watch us dye this hoodie in blues and purples, and turn a boring grey hoodie into a gorgeously bright tie-dye spiral hoodie.
There's something about the tie-dye spiral pattern that's a bit like magic - you scrunch up a shirt, make pie slices with dye, and yet you end up with a fancy spiral. The fun of unwinding them NEVER wears off. If you want to try a tie-dye spiral this is one of the easiest methods. Two colours, nothing fiddly, and great...
Tie-dyed leggings woman's running tights green zig-zag
Tie-dye leggings are awesome! Watch to learn how to tie-dye legging in a green zig-zag pattern - video included.
More tie-dye socks! Seems like everyone wants some for winter. These purple and green ice-dyed socks look fantastic - check out the video here.
Fan Tie-Dye Green tie-dye men's shirt - Dye DIY
Watch us dye the fan tie-dye pattern in a range of greens on a men's shirt! Speed tie-dye video included. Follow along to learn how to DIY your tie-dye.
tie-dye jeans low water immersion side view
Tie-dye jeans time! Watch us dye white jeans with the low water immersion method to create a gorgeous blue colourway.
Women's tie-dye hoodie
Watch us bleach then tie-dye a women's hoodie! It started off black and ended up bright sunrise colours - a huge improvement. Video included.
Spiral and crumple tie-dye
How hard it to tie-dye? Easy enough for a 12yo to produce a couple of fantastic crumple tie-dye shirts and a spiral. Check out how easy it is.

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