EASIEST Tie-Dye Spiral Pattern – 2 colour tie-dye shirt

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There’s something about the tie-dye spiral pattern that’s a bit like magic – you scrunch up a shirt, make pie slices with dye, and yet you end up with a fancy spiral.

The fun of unwinding them NEVER wears off.

If you want to try a tie-dye spiral this is one of the easiest methods. Two colours, nothing fiddly, and great results. I’ve showed children as young as six how to do this, and they got great results.

Watch the tutorial below where I show you how to tie-dye a spiral and get ready to DIY tie-dye!

Rex chose turquoise and lime green for this tie-dye spiral. Try to choose colours that will blend well – blues/greens, red/yellow, or purple/pink (like these tie-dyed stripes). Combinations like purple/green don’t work too well, but you can always ice-dye if you’re set on that combination – check out our ice-dyed socks here.

We use Procion dyes, but if you want something a little simpler Tulip tie-dye kits are a great option.

Thanks for watching! We’d love to hear if you decide to try it and DIY your own tie-dye spiral. Tag @dyediyhq on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll check it out.

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