Cute Tie-Dye Onesies – 4 ways!

CUTE Tie-Dye Onesies 4 ways! Bullseye, spiral, v-stripes, and stripes tie-dye patterns

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Is there anything cuter than tie-dye onesies?

Maybe a baby IN a tie-dye onesie. I don’t have one to model for me, so you’ll have to make do with the empty onesies.

Check out the complete guide to how to tie-dye onesies here

I didn’t start tie-dyeing until I was pregnant with my fifth (and last) baby in 2008. He got quite a few (badly) tie-dyed clothes. He happily wore all of my experiments and then he started tie-dyeing at about the age of 4.

Heavily supervised, of course.

Over the years we kept dyeing and experimenting and learning. That ‘baby’ is now 12, nearly as tall as me, and making tie-dyeing videos for me. Check out his Sea Shepherd tie-dye spiral, his monochrome spiral (coming this week), and his crumple and spiral tie-dyes.

But I did these tie-dye onesies. Like most 12-year-old boys he’s not really interested in babies. But even with no baby to clothe they’re so cute I couldn’t resist – and it’s always handy to have baby shower gifts stashed away.

Watch me create four different tie-dye patterns below!

You’ll notice I only used three colours – yellow, pink, and turquoise.

Some fibre reactive dyes are base colours, meaning they’re pure colours.

Think of these three colours like printer ink – they can mix and blend to make nearly any colour.

So yellow and pink makes orange/red, and pink and turquoise makes purple.

And, of course, turquoise and yellow makes green.

As you can see, using base dye colours is a cheap and easy way to get the full colour range. Especially if you just want to do a few small projects, like tie-dye onesies!

Want more tie-dyed onesie ideas? Find instructions for tie-dye galaxy onesies here, 3 more onesie patterns here, and how to dye onesies in a jar here.

Thanks for watching! We’d love to hear if you decide to try it and DIY your own tie-dye onesies. Tag @dyediyhq on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll check it out.

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