Blue and Purple Tie-Dye Galaxy Towel – secret Santa success

Tie-dye galaxy towel in blues and purples

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What to make for the work Secret Santa?

Tie-dye, of course!

I decided on a towel (because everyone uses towels) and a tie-dye galaxy pattern. After the rainbow galaxy tie-dye towel I wanted to try a more muted galaxy, and one that would be suitable for anyone. So I went for a purple and blue tie-dye galaxy towel.

It didn’t end up in the Secret Santa – my boss liked it so much he nabbed it before we did the draw.

Perks of being the boss!

The black really made the blue stand out.

Want to create your own tie-dye galaxy towel? Save this colour palette for when you’re ready, and see more great dye colour palettes here.

Thanks for watching! If you decide to try it and DIY your tie-dye galaxy towel tag @dyediyhq on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to check it out.

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