What to make for the work Secret Santa? Tie-dye, of course! I decided on a towel (because everyone uses towels) and a tie-dye galaxy pattern. After the rainbow galaxy tie-dye towel I wanted to try a more muted galaxy, and one that would be suitable for anyone. So I went for a purple and blue tie-dye galaxy. https://youtu.be/GTdObfpNBlI It didn't end up in the Secret...

Gradient Spiral T-shirt!

With me home from uni over the summer holidays, mum wanted me to make LOTS of tie-dye videos. I figured that I'd better keep her happy - especially as...

Tie-Dyed Christmas Socks – 3 ways!

Christmas time means tie-dye time - and what better accessory than tie-dyed Christmas socks? Watch and learn how to dye your own Christmas socks!

How to rinse + wash tie-dye for GREAT results

Not sure how to wash tie-dye? I'll walk you through how to rinse and wash tie-dye to prevent colour bleeding so you have crisp results every time.

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Tie-Dyed Stripes Cropped T-Shirt – simple & stunning!

Check out this post to watch us funk up a white cropped t-shirt with pink and purple tie-dyed stripes. Video included!

Spider Tie-Dye Shirt – quick and easy tie-dye pattern

Want a quick and easy tie-dye pattern that isn't too psychedelic? Check out the spider tie-dye pattern and see how it's done here.

Ice-Dyed Dress! Gorgeous video of ice-dye technique

I'm very picky about dresses. This means I make all of my own, because I can NEVER find any that fit well. This ice-dyed dress...

Ice-Dyed Socks! Stunning pink + purple ice-dye technique

It gets COLD in Tasmania so it gave us the perfect excuse to create ice-dyed socks. Plus, I always like to wear some sneaky tie-dyed...

Best Tulip Tie-Dye Kits

Tie-dye today! Tulip one-step tie-dye kits are a fantastic way to start tie-dying and are easy enough for anyone to DIY. Neon or pastels, ombre or ice-dye, there's a kit here to suit you. All Tulip tie-dye kits come with complete instructions and are safe for kids to use (supervised, of course).

Blue Tie-Dyed Spiral Shirt – speed video!

Everyone loves a good tie dyed spiral, right? Watch us create a blue tie dyed spiral t-shirt at high speed.