What to make for the work Secret Santa? Tie-dye, of course! I decided on a towel (because everyone uses towels) and a tie-dye galaxy pattern. After the rainbow galaxy tie-dye towel I wanted to try a more muted galaxy, and one that would be suitable for anyone. So I went for a purple and blue tie-dye galaxy. https://youtu.be/GTdObfpNBlI It didn't end up in the Secret...

Gradient Spiral T-shirt!

With me home from uni over the summer holidays, mum wanted me to make LOTS of tie-dye videos. I figured that I'd better keep her happy - especially as...

Tie-Dyed Christmas Socks – 3 ways!

Christmas time means tie-dye time - and what better accessory than tie-dyed Christmas socks? Watch and learn how to dye your own Christmas socks!

How to rinse + wash tie-dye for GREAT results

Not sure how to wash tie-dye? I'll walk you through how to rinse and wash tie-dye to prevent colour bleeding so you have crisp results every time.

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Ice-Dye Bodysuit – my fun ice-dye experiment

I found an old photo and decided to reverse engineer it - check out my ice-dye experiment bodysuit here! Includes video and photos so you can DIY your own ice dyes.

Rainbow Tie-Dye Towel – extra-colourful tie-dye stripes!

Right now it's just past winter Solstice in Tasmania and it's cold, it's grey, and it's dark. Not the sort of conditions us troppos...

Monochrome Tie-Dye Spiral – EASY tie-dye technique!

Follow along with this tie-dye tutorial to create your own monochrome tie-dye spiral in blue (or whatever colour you prefer). It looks great and is so easy to do. Video and diagrams included to show you how to DIY your own tie-dye!

Cute Tie-Dye Onesies – 4 ways!

Check out these for cute tie-dye onesie patterns! Watch how to tie-dye onesies and DIY your own tie-dye onesie patterns to create a bullseye, spiral, v-stripes, and stripes for super-cute baby clothes.

Pink Tie-Dye Spiral – bright sunrise colourway

After his previous tie-dye session Forrest was keen to do some more dyeing and make us another video. He enjoys twisting tie-dye spiral patterns...

Tie-Dye Spiral Hoodie – funky tie-dye pattern!

Who doesn't love a tie-dye spiral hoodie? Watch us dye this hoodie in blues and purples, and turn a boring grey hoodie into a gorgeously bright tie-dye spiral hoodie.

EASIEST Tie-Dye Spiral Pattern – 2 colour tie-dye shirt

There's something about the tie-dye spiral pattern that's a bit like magic - you scrunch up a shirt, make pie slices with dye, and...

Tie-Dye Leggings – funky green zig-zag pattern

Tie-dye leggings are awesome! Watch to learn how to tie-dye legging in a green zig-zag pattern - video included.