Ice-Dyed Socks! Stunning pink + purple ice-dye technique

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It gets COLD in Tasmania so it gave us the perfect excuse to create ice-dyed socks.

Plus, I always like to wear some sneaky tie-dyed clothing when I need to look respectable. If I have to get all dressed up and look boring it’s fun to know I’m wearing rainbow socks or undies, and my conformity is only on the surface.

So here we go – four pairs of socks from white to ice-dyed in a little over one minute.

We used powdered fibre-reactive dyes in pink and purple. You can use any combination of colours for ice-dyeing, even ones that don’t work in tie-dyeing, like orange and green.

We use Procion dyes, but if you want something a little simpler Tulip tie-dye kits are a great option. Just remove the powdered dye from the bottles and sprinkle it over your ice.

Ice-dyed socks - pink and purple knee-high ice-dyed socks.

And yes, that’s a deep-fryer basket in the video. We found it at the tip shop and it works really well. But definitely don’t use dye equipment for food ever again, I don’t want to be responsible for you turning green, or whatever happens when you ingest dye.

We use Procion dyes, but if you want something a little simpler Tulip tie-dye kits are a great option.

Thanks for watching! We’d love to hear if you decide to try it and DIY your own tie dyes. Tag @dyediyhq on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll check it out.

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  1. Melissa

    GORGEOUS colours!!!!! Do they remain like that after washing? What about rinsing?

    • Kelly Kotanidis

      Thank you! Yes, at the end of the video the socks had been washed and dried, and I find the socks wear out before the colours do. Procion dyes have wonderful colourfastness.


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