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Walmart tie-dye kits review

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Tie-dyeing can seem complicated.

Lots of people talk about all different brands of dye, pre-soaking, mordants, and confusing multi-step processes. It’s enough to overwhelm lots of newbies.

But tie-dyeing doesn’t have to be that complicated.

It can be as easy as buying a kit that’s created to make tie-dyeing easy – just like these Walmart tie-dye kits. The Create Basics kits are as simple as adding water, applying the dye, washing, and then admiring your beautiful new clothes. There’s no soaking, extra chemicals, or anything complicated.

Walmart also sells Tulip One-Step tie-dye kits, plus kits from Jacquard, Doodlehog, and more.

And the best thing? You can get all your clothing, bags, and other items to tie-dye in the same order!

Read on to choose the perfect Walmart tie-dye kit for your needs.

The Best Walmart Tie-Dye Kits

Walmart tie-dye kits - Create Basics 1 colour

Create Basics 1-Color Tie-Dye Kit

Quick and easy kit to start tie-dyeing!

This single-colour tie-dye kit is perfect if you want to try tie-dyeing without a big cost. You get a single bottle of dye (just add water), gloves, rubber bands, and an instruction guide. It’s enough to dye up to three items, and the kit is available in lots of colours.

Tip: You can mix and match colours – buy a couple and get creative!

Walmart tie-dye kits - Create Basics 3 colour

Create Basics 3-Colour Tie-Dye Kit

Best for families or small groups who are just starting out

If you’re keen to try a few more colours the Create Basics 3-Colour Tie-Dye Kit is a great choice. It comes in two dye colourways – fuchsia, pink, and purple, or turquoise, blue, and red. Gloves, rubber bands, and instructions are included.

Walmart tie-dye kits - Create Basics 10 colour

Create Basics 10-Color Tie-Dye Kit

Best for families or small groups who love a mix of bright colours

Want to use ALL the colours?! This Create Basics tie-dye kit contains 10 beautiful colours and enough dye to create up to 20 projects.

Plus gloves, rubber bands, and a project guide, of course.

Walmart tie-dye kits - Create Basics Party Tub

Create Basics Tie-Dye Party Tub

Best for a tie-dye party!

Tie-dyeing is much more fun with friends! This Create Basics tie-dye party tub contains 18 dye bottles in a range of 12 colours (you get doubles of the popular ones). You can create up to 27 adult medium-sized shirts with this kit. 6 pairs of plastic gloves, 60 rubber bands, and an instruction sheet. And of course, a reusable plastic tub – store your tie-dye supplies in it and buy dye refills to save on waste.

Walmart tie-dye kits - Block Party Kit

Create Basics Block Party Tie-Dye Tub

Best for a HUGE tie-dye party!

OK, the previous tie-dye kit was for a party – this one is for a REALLY BIG party!

The Create Basics Block Party Tie-Dye tub is huge. You get 10 bottles of dye in a range of colours and it’s enough to dye up to 56 adults shirts. Don’t get this one for a single solo session!

You’ll also get 12 pairs of gloves, 100 rubber bands, a protective surface cover and a project guide. Plus the plastic container is tough and reusable.

Walmart tie-dye kits - Jacquard tye dye kit

Jacquard Tie-Dye Kit

Great if you want to experiment with colour mixing

Change of brands! Jacquard has been producing professional-quality dyes since the 1980s. This starter Jacquard tie-dye kit contains three colours – fuschia, yellow, and turquoise. Just like your printer colours they mix beautifully to make any colour of the rainbow, and they even include an extra squeeze bottle for you to experiment with colour mixing.

You do need to soak in soda ash (included) to fix the dye, but it’s pretty easy. The kit also includes gloves, rubber bands, and instructions showing you have to create lots of different tie-dye patterns.

Jacquard Camo Tie-Dye Kit

Great if you DON’T like lots of bright colours

I know, I know – there are some people out there who DON’T like bright colours. I don’t understand them, but everyone’s entitled to their opinion, right?

If this is you, this Camo Tie-Dye Kit is a fantastic alternative. You get olive green and jet black dye, soda ash dye fixer, vinyl gloves, and rubber bands, plus instructions.

You can dye up to 4 shirts, so it’s a great kit to start with. Try it out, dabble, then get a bigger kit when you’re keen for more!

Anyone else love this pastel-ish dye colour range? This Doodlehog tie-dye kit includes 12 colours covering the entire spectrum of the rainbow, plus rubber bands, gloves, instructions AND a tie-dye technique guide.

It also includes soda ash, as this is a two-step kit – you need to soak your items before dyeing. But don’t let that put you off if you love the colours, because it’s really not difficult.

Tulip Two-Minute Tie-Dye Big Box Kit

Best if you’re having a tie-dye party and want instant results

Usually, dyed items need to set for 8+ hours before you can rinse them out and see the results. But Tulip have created a kit which cuts this down to TWO MINUTES. So if you’re having a party and want to see the results before everyone goes home this is a great kit!

Of course, if you’re a little impatient you’ll love it too.

Interested in more Tulip tie-dye kits? I have an entire post about them here.

Tulip 2-IN-1 Reverse Tie Dye Kit

Interested in bleaching then adding dye? This is for you.

What’s reverse tie-dye? It’s taking colour away instead of adding it, aka bleach tie-dyeing.

And if you want to be REALLY creative, you can then add colour back to the bleached parts.

This Tulip Reverse Tie-Dye Kit contains colour remover plus three dye colours that look fantastic with black.

Krafty Kitz DIY Back to School Tie Dye Kit

For those who want funky face masks

Let’s admit it – 2020’s introduction to face masks for everyday wear gave us all another chance to accessorise.

This Krafty Kitz face mask tie-dye kit contains three cotton face masks, three mixable base colours of dye (magenta, turquoise, and yellow) plus gloves, bands, and a step-by-step guide.

So if you’ve got to wear a face mask, you may as well make it bright!

Rit Indigo Shibori Tie-Dye Kit

Everything you need to try shibori dyeing

Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique based on folding, twisting or bunching cloth, binding it, then dyeing it with indigo. The Rit Indigo Shibori tie-dye kit includes indigo-coloured liquid dye, rubber bands, twine, wood squares, gloves, and simple instructions. It also includes Rit Colour-Stay Dye Fixative, which reduces fading and the colour running (not an issue with the other kits if they’re washed correctly).

Color Splash Easy Tie-Dye Kit

An easy-to-use starter kit with vibrant colours

The Color Splash Easy Tie-Dye Kit includes 6 incredibly bright dyes in easy-mix squeeze bottles, plus rubber bands and soda ash fixative.

Had enough of the squeeze bottles? How about trying some spray bottles instead?

This Sei Tumble Dye Kit contains 8 premixed spray bottles of dye in beautiful ranges of colours plus an instruction and idea book. You simply spray on the dye, let it dry, then heat set it with an iron or clothes dryer.

Because it’s premixed you don’t need to use it all in one session – and you can experiment with painting and all sorts of creative ideas.

Comes in four gorgeous colourways – Classic (pictured), Neon, Galaxy, and Natural Fade.

Swirl and Style Tie-Dye Studio

Best for….I’m not really sure

OK, so this isn’t a tie-dye kit, but I had to include it for fun. I’m not really sure what to make of it – it’s a little strange!

I guess if you REALLY don’t want to make a mess (or you have kids begging to tie-dye but don’t want them to make a mess) this Swirl and Style Tie-Dye Studio could work for you. You scrunch up the item to be dyed, stuff it in the ‘orb’, and squirt dye in through the self-sealing pores. You can then turn it to move the dye around.

You’d need to get the dye into the bottles and the soggy dyed items out of the orb….so there’s still potential mess.

If you decide to try it let me know how it goes – I’m curious!

Hey, I’m Kelly! I’ve been tie-dyeing since 2008 for my family + business.

Wanna be a rainbow unicorn too?

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